Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas: The Best Sellers

ProductSaleTemplate1 300x218 Lazy Boy Sectional Sofas: The Best Sellers

Lazy Boy sectional sofas, like this Griffin set, provides users with multiple options in comfort and style

If you have a great room that requires a lot of seating (perhaps you often entertain family and friends on weekends), a sectional sofa is a great option to provide everything that you need and want for that room. La-Z-Boy has a variety of choices that could add an elegant touch or funky vibe to your room. With La-Z-Boy’s wide selection of fabrics and leathers, you can easily customize Lazy Boy sectional sofas to your liking. That’s not all! Lazy Boy sectional sofas also have power upgrades available, so you can add any feature to make yourself and your visitors more cozy and comfortable in your home.

Below are the top-selling Lazy Boy sofas that you can consider in your home. They are all perfect to fill up a big room and to create intimate and comfortable seating spaces for guests and family members alike. They’re great for your dog too!

Majestic Sectional Sofas

Do you want something with a rich and elegant feel? These majestic sofas from La-Z-Boy will make you feel like a king or a queen at home.

  • Sinclair The Sinclair earned a score of 4.8 out 5 stars on Lazy Boy’s website. At a width of 123.5 inches, this chunky piece of furniture will provide great seating space for you, your kids, and even your pets! The exposed wood at the base is a lovely accent that gives this sofa a homey feel. Majestic cover options include fabrics in the following colors: wine, pine, and navy. This piece also has a sleeper option if you need additional bed space for visitors.
  • Montgomery Relax in leather with the Montgomery sectional sofas. It features two loveseats at both ends and two armless chairs. At 138 inches wide, it can definitely accommodate the entire brood during movie night and even a few friends. It will also be a cozy piece for more formal gatherings done in your home. Choose from either the garnet or walnut La-Z-Boy select leather variants, and bask in the luxury of leather.
  • Laurel This sectional sofa garnered a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. At 91 inches wide, it is smaller than most Lazy Boy sectional sofas, but this does not mean that it delivers less comfort for the user. It’s clean design makes it perfect in a regal setting.

Modern Sectional Sofas From Lazy Boy

These Lazy Boy sectional sofas will give any room a modern vibe with their state-of-the-art functions and designs.

  • Reese Do you want to relax in style and bask in the glory of leather? Then the Reese sectional sofa is definitely for you! Where else can you get a sectional sofa with end-to-end sitting recliners? Prop up your tired feet as you watch your favorite shows or during a get-together with family and friends. Comfort and style has never been mixed this well.
  • Griffin This sectional sofa gives you plenty of options to indulge in comfort. You can have this piece upgraded with a sleeper option for extra bed space or for those times when you just want to sleep in another place other than your bedroom. This sectional sofa also includes a right-arm recliner with a non-reclining seat so that you can put up your tired feet at the end of a very stressful day. With 853 cover options available for this model, you can customize it to match exactly your design and style preference. What else could you ask for? This is one of the most amazing Lazy Boy sectional sofas ever!
Lazy Boy sectional sofas provide each user flexibility when it comes to comfort and design choices, so why don’t you buy one that fits your taste and your needs right now?



ProductSaleTemplate 300x218 Lazy Boy chairs offer you endless possibilities

Bree Right-Arm Sitting Chaise is one of the most popular Lazy Boy chairs to hit the market.

If you’re like me, I’d want to be able to find a brand that can afford me endless combinations and limitless possibilities when it comes to the decorating and comfort options that I would like to consider in decorating my home. If you want a lot of different choices to explore in choosing seating options for the different rooms inside your home, check out Lazy Boy chairs.

option #1: Function and comfort

Lazyboy chairs are known worldwide for providing comfort while fulfilling several functions. If you want to have a chair that does not only add flair to your room but also serves a specific purpose, you’ll find out that La-Z-Boy has a wide selection for you to choose from. Here are a few examples of functional Lazy Boy chairs that gives the user ultimate ease.

    1. Daphne Supreme Comfort Twin Sleep Chair Do you have guests staying over at your house once in a while (maybe family members or some close friends), but you have limited space? Solve this dilemma by buying the Daphne Supreme Comfort Twin Sleep chair. It’s been given a rating of 4.6 out 5 stars by those who have already bought this item. The Daphne Supreme is not only stylish; it is extremely easy to set up and is extremely comfortable. It has a casual design, but since you can customize its upholstery, you can give it any kind of vibe with La-Z-Boy’s wide selection of fabrics and designs.
    2. Leah Supreme Comfort Twin Sleep Chair Just like the Daphne, comfort and ease while resting is what the Leah Supreme provides. It received 5 out of 5 stars from current users, and it is also versatile style-wise. Expect to have both coziness and sophistication when you place the Leah Supreme Lazy Boy Chair inside a room in your house.

option #2: A chair fit to be a queen’s throne

If you want a Lazy Boy chair with traditional details that will give your room a majestic and regal vibe, here are some of the most popular options that are loaded not only with sophistication but also with comfort.
  1. Hampden Swivel Rocker Rock yourself in style with the Hampden Swivel Rocker. The Hampden is unlike your ordinary rickety rocking chair. It is designed to be a graceful and steady throne for the king or queen of the house to recline on. With several cover options to choose from, this Lazy Boy chair will definitely be a good focal point for beauty and for resting in your house.
  2. Bree Right Arm Sitting Chaise If you love curling up with a good book to read, the Bree Right Arm Sitting Chair is the perfect choice. With a contemporary look and a cozy feel, this piece is wonderful when you want to snuggle with your dog, catch a quick nap, read a good book, or watch your favorite shows while you relax.
There are many different Lazy Boy chairs to suit your styling and comfort preferences. With La-Z-Boy, the possibilities to your home decor and comfort is endless.


Lazy Boy recliners are essential pieces of furniture that you should get for your home if you want to have your own piece of luxury and comfort. La-Z-Boy has always been known for making the coziest and most sophisticated recliners that would easily fit in to any part of your home. There are many brands that manufacture recliners, but nobody does it better than La-Z-boy. What makes lazyboy recliners more special than everything else? Read on to find out.

These Recliners are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

ID 10076334 300x199 Lazy Boy recliners: A must have for your familys comfort

Take advantage of the health benefits of Lazy Boy recliners.

A Lazy Boy recliner is not your typical piece of furniture. It is actually good for your tired and sore body. According to the ACA, Lazyboy recliners offer you the following benefits:

  • Prevent additional back strain because of the leg rest that you can lock into three different positions to keep your back comfortably reclined
  • Offer 18 different reclining angles that could suit anyone’s comfort level
  • Provide more comfort options depending on the user’s preference
  • Give total body relaxation and full body support when set to the full-layout recline position

If you have an aching back because of awkward positions in front of the computer during work, injuries because of sports, pregnancy, or because of other activities that you regularly engage in, a Lazyboy recliner can give you maximum relief and comfort when you get home.

Relieving Stress.

Relief from an aching and sore body is the first step to overcoming stress. The next step is to be able to relax your mind while you rest or sleep. Your home should be a haven of relaxation. That is why you need to have Lazy Boy recliners at home. Statistics suggests that 94% of doctors think that relaxing at home is important. To achieve this, you should sit in a reclining position. When you own a La-Z-Boy recliner, you can dim the lights, play some soft music, and you and your husband need not pay often for expensive vacations just to unwind. Lazy Boy recliners are actually the more economical and practical choice.

Recliners can be elegant, funky, luxurious, or simple. They can be anything you want them to be.

It is easy to customize Lazy Boy recliners so that they will look and feel exactly as you want them to be. You can fit them easily into any room because there’s a wide selection of materials to choose from. You can have Lazy Boy leather recliners or you can opt for eco-friendly materials. Whether you want muted tones or vibrant colors, simple prints or crazy patterns, it is easy to dress up your recliners with the different options available. Your Lazy Boy recliner can be anything to suit your mood, your room’s theme, and of course, your budget!

If you want a beautiful and cozy home, never forget to buy Lazy Boy recliners. You just don’t get something to decorate your home; you also get something beneficial to your physical and emotional health.



If you are looking to redecorate your house to give it a modern look and a comfortable feel, Lazy Boy furniture would be the best choice for you. But why should it be your choice? Out of all the furniture manufacturers of world-class quality, what sets LazyBoy apart from the rest? Read the article below to find out why you should invest in this brand.

Lazy Boy is one of the top 10 furniture brands in the USA.

According to, the Lazy Boy furniture brand ranks ninth among all other furniture brands in the United States. After 85 years of manufacturing comfortable and stylish pieces, the innovation of Lazy Boy pieces have captured the hearts of people worldwide. The first La-Z-Boy furniture ever made was a wood-slat recliner made from orange crates that was conceptualized to give the user a natural feel while relaxing. Until today, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to help people live life comfortably. So if you want to come home and lounge on a cozy sofa after work, you should buy from La-Z-Boy.

Lazy Boy Furniture allows you to customize and personalize.

ID 10044278 300x199 Lazy Boy furniture: what sets it apart from all other furniture brands?

Be cozy and comfortable in your personalized Lazy Boy furniture.

If you are one of those people who likes to give your home its own flavor, then buying from La-Z-Boy is ideal for you. You can customize and personalize each piece of furniture that you buy for your home. You have different options and upgrades to choose from depending on what you need in your home or what type of look you are trying to achieve. Whether you want traditional or contemporary, functional and practical, or elegant and luxurious, Lazy Boy furniture has the flexibility and versatility to become what you want it to be. Is grandpa a really tall man who needs extra long footrests? Do you see yourself as the princess in the “Princess and the Pea” fairy tale, and you would like luxurious mattresses to cushion your body? Do you live in an apartment where space is a challenge and you need extra sleeping space?

You can definitely request for sleepers to be added to the sofa that you picked out even if it originally doesn’t include that feature. If you want your furniture’s upholstery to match your walls, curtains, rugs, or even your favorite dress, that’s easy to achieve with La-Z-Boy. You can choose from different fabrics, leathers, performance fabrics, or even recycled leather. You can also pick out the right shade that would fit your style, theme, or mood from a very wide color palette. Whether you want something that’s in bold red, a piece in bright yellow, or a more muted piece in neutral tones, you have all the options available to you. Plus, you can choose the prints that you like: stripes, florals, plaids, dots, or geometric shapes. With Lazy Boy furniture, you have total control over your own comfort and style.


Delivering as promised.

A company wouldn’t turn into an iconic brand that is trusted world-wide if it doesn’t deliver exactly what it has promised. When you buy a La-Z-Boy, you can be very sure that you have just purchased quality, durability, stylishness, and comfort. You can check out Lazy Boy furniture reviews all over the Internet, and you can be certain that you will find a lot of very satisfied customers who have returned time and again to rely on Lazy Boy. Be one of those happy and satisfied people who enjoy La-Z-Boy pieces in their own home. Purchase your own Lazy Boy furniture now!